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Project Nepal

Today the Church of Nepal has grown to almost one million believers with 1200 groups. It’s experiencing revival as believers commit to evangelism and church planting, despite strict laws against evangelism and continued limitations. Church buildings are springing up all over the country and there is a church planted in every one of the 75 districts of Nepal. Today there are some believers in almost every group and caste. A significant move of God has taken place among the Tamagas, who traditionally followed Tibetan Buddhism, tens of thousands of Tamags have embraced the Christian Faith in the last ten years.

Project Myanmar

Gripped by escalating outbreaks of malaria, HIV/AIDS, and dengue fever, Myanmar suffers as the second poorest country in Asia (Afghanistan is 1st) and the most corrupt country in the world along with Somalia. The nation is at war in a 5 decades long struggle against military dictatorship. How do we help?

Project Cuba

The greatest way we help the church grow on the mission field is to help the Pastors and church leaders. In turn, they can better minister to their congregations and reach out to the lost. We achieve this by conducting practical, biblical workshops and providing booklets, tracts and other printed materials. We bring the training to them instead of bringing them to a Bible School.

Project Ethiopia

Ethiopian believers are not only being used by God to reach and establish their own nation for God, they are also being trained to cross their frontiers to disciple and church plant in the surrounding nations of Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and the Sudan. As God supplies Emblaze Ministry is committed to coming alongside the National Church of Ethiopia to support and equip them and to keep the fire of God burning in this nation and those around.

Project Canada

The ministry in Canada works with church groups and individuals across the country to bring awareness of our ministry in Missions, here and with our current partners.

Missions require support, There are challenges to bring the Gospel of Jesus to people by local community members. Our time in mentoring and training new Pastors in the language spoken by the people in that community and with materials written in their own language. We have partnerships with many Christian organizations who have the same focus of bring God’s word to people.