Emblaze Ministries

Internationally Providing support and resources

for the persecuted church to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and plant thriving national churches.


Supporting National Leaders

Emblaze currently works with leaders in five countries, Cuba, Canada, Ethiopia, Nepal, and Nigeria.

Our goal is to keep expanding our reach so that more indigenous leader’s basic needs are met. When a worker’s needs are met and their families are provided for, they are better able to focus on reaching their nations with the gospel.

You Too

Can Help Provide Solutions

Without the needed support to commit to planting churches and the work of evangelism, pastors and missionaries around the world are facing enormous challenges. Here’s what’s at stake for indigenous leaders who don’t receive support:

  • Burnout
  • Lack of discipleship and training resources
  • Increased poverty and oppression
  • Starvation and death for the families of faith leaders
  • Unreached people

One of the best ways to invest in missions today is by putting necessary ministry tools into the hands of dedicated national believers. We invite you to support the men and women around the world who are reaching the unreached in their country with the gospel.