Meet our Missionary: Debaki

  • Mrs. Dabaki
  • Agape Christia Mandali Church
  • Kathmandu, Nepal

I was a sickly child. My family spent a lot of time caring for me and half of the time I was home sick from school. My parents tried everything they could to help me and eventually, out of desperation took me to witch doctors for healing with no success.

Time passed as we gave up on my health and I spent the majority of my time bedridden. One day in particular, a family friend dropped by to visit me. He saw the state I was in and suggested for my mother to take me to church. He explained that the church could pray for me and that God would heal me. Although my mother was willing, my father forbade it.

The more time that passed the worse I became and my father, in deperation agreed to let me go to church. My mom arranged to have me brough to church and once we arrived they laid hands on me and prayed for healing over my body. After a number of days of continued prayers I began to get better every day. Overjoyed and in awe of the miracle that was occuring before our eyes my mother and I accepted Jesus into our lives to my father’s disapproval. Yet, the more time that passed the more he realized this was a permanent and lasting healing, he saw the changes in my mother and I and his faith increased eventually receiving Jesus Christ himself.

Jesus found me as a little girl but I didnt know a lot about him and hungered to know more. There seemed to be no one who could explain to a little girl who Jesus was and what the Christian faith was all about. As I grew in my faith and knowledge God gave me a passion to teach children about the living God and his son, Jesus Christ.

I am currently working with children and youth and teaching them how to grow spiritually and how to understand the teachings of the Lord. God has also lead me to work with women in the church and I am currently training them to evangelize the unsaved.

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