Here is the latest news from our partners at Christian Family Life regarding the work we are doing in Cuba with the 2 Becoming 1 Marriage Material and Resources.


While life can be chaotic, one of the things we often long for is peace, especially in our marriage.Where does that peace come from? How can we foster that peace in our homes?

In a Christian marriage peace is present when wife and husband have yielded to the calming power of the Holy Spirit. As they walk in the Spirit and exhibit the fruit of Spirit, peace permeates their marriage and their home.

As couples work through Two Becoming One, peace in marriage is one of the key concepts that they learn to bring into their marriages, returning a curse with a blessing and breaking the argument cycle.

(Click the image above or click here to read how you can bring peace to your marriage.)


Sponsor a Pastor or a Couple

The average salary of a person in Cuba is $12 a month with some in government positions earning as high as $30 a month.

As a result, it is difficult for lay couples and pastors, who are often bi-vocational, to attend  a Two Becoming One conference.

You can partner with Christian Family Life and sponsor a couple or pastor, so they can invest in their marriage and take what they learn back to their churches to disciple others.


In partnering alongside Christian Family Life we are able to sponsor pastor couples and their churches and give them the resources they need to bring health and wholeness to their marriages and offer the same to their congregations.

Ask us about our upcoming marriage conferences and how you can give toward the most sacred of unions, the marriage.


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