Badal was from a Brahmin family where he was raised in the Hindu faith to worship many different gods and goddesses. His family was very devout and he worshiped these gods out of fear. Badal knew nothing about Christianity, but met a Pastor from one of the local churches, who invited him to church. Curiosity led Badal to the service where he listened to the message and ate a Christmas lunch with the congregation. His father happened to pass by while he sat with the church group.

When he went home, his father began to beat him and consequentially threw him out of the family home. He went through much hardship, which led him to look deeper into why so many people hated Christians and what Christianity was really about. Upon investigating he found out that most of the Pastors had been former Hindus and Badal wanted to know what it was about Christianity that made them leave their Hindu faith. As he looked deeper, he learned more and his faith grew to the point where he dedicated his life to helping others find their faith in Jesus Christ. Badal went through seminary training and is now the Pastor of Joyful Church in Nepal, where he pastors between 50-60 people.

Please keep Badal and Joyful Church in your payers.

You can pray:
1) God would help Badal in his ministry responsibilities.
2) That the Lord would provide the means to travel and direct him to people that are hungry for the truth.
3) For God to expand the church’s influence in their community.

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