Welcome Pastor Shuvash & Glory Church

Pastor Shuvash
Glory Church
Nawalparasi, Nepal

I am Shuvash Gnawali born in Nawalparasi district. I used to be a meek, merciful, and helpful, educating young men. I was working in Eye Hospital in Parasi as an Accountant and was playing a vital role in the governance of the hospital. The life was good. But due to bad influence from my colleagues and friends I started taking tobacco and cigarettes and gradually began drinking and using drugs. I would begin my day with a full glass of alcohol. Finally I became addicted and lost my job. This made my life miserable with little hope of sobriety.

While I was working in the hospital I married a Chaudhari girl which we call here as inter – caste marriage. I am a Brahmin (high cast) and my wife was a middle cast girl. Because I married a middle cast girl, my parents rose up against us, coupled with my addictions and joblessness I was cut out from my family and our properties. I was cast out and disgraced. My life was becoming increasingly worse. I also started experincing health issues; Gastritis, Ulcers, and Tuberculosis. My wife being a nurse helped me however she could do but my habit didn’t support her. When my addiction was not enabled I would react violently and would hit my wife and tried to light fire in the room and burn everything. As a result of my violent and self destructive behaiour I ended up in prion and was given lots of medicines, given counseling and other treatments but with no success. Seeing this all my family, friends and well wishers thought that I would not survive.

My wife’s salary could not cover all the expenses and she found all that I put her through difficult and tiring. We were unable to rent because of my addictions and people suggested to her that it would be betterif she left me. But she never gave up on me. When I was put in the rehabilitation center, my wife hired a room and lied to the landlady that I was gone abroad.
The landlady was a Christian woman and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my wife. She extended her help and comfort to my wife. After 3 months in rehab I came home suprising the landlady. she was surprised. I got a job again but after some time relapsed. So the landlady could not handle me and asked us to leave the room.

My wife began taking me to Church, this was not the first time for me because I had gone several times in the Church when I was a boy but I never understood the love of Christ. My wife received some books, Christian tract and The New Testament. She read all those, went to the Church regularly and accepted the Lord. A little while later she was baptized and became a full member of the Church. My wife always encouraged me to believe in Jesus Christ. A lady of that Church gladly arranged for us to live in her home. Finally the Lord worked in my heart and I accepted Christ and after becoming sober and clean, I was baptized. Seeing my interest my Pastor suggested I should go into Bible School in Lucknow, India. I took his advice and attended Bible School and was changed but my friends humiliated me and gave me difficulties. This situation really gave me a lession of remaining in prayers and having patience. While remaining in Prayers the Lord gave me the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I received the gift of speaking in tongues. I believed that God appointed me for His glory so I dedicate my life for Him.

I came back to Nepal from the Bible School and started a Prayer Tower, prayer movement in my area. In the year 2011 this Prayer Tower changed into Glory Church. It is in Nawalparasi.
Glory Church started with 33 praying friends but now the Lord has blessed us with more than 100 members. The Glory Church has been running evening prayer fellowship, Friday fasting pray fellowship, Saturday worship service, Sunday school classes, women fellowship, Youth/Choir team and House fellowships. The Glory Church has 2 daughter Churches, Glory Church, Khairahani and Glory Church, Siswa. The Lord blessed us to buy our own Church land and with help from our supports have built a permanent Church building on this land. Currently the construction work is going on and this Church building will be dedicated soon.

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