Pastor Min
Bangsiling Church
Central Nepal

My name is Min Bahadur. I was born in a rural area in Chitwan. It is a place where there is no electricity and very weak medical and educational facilities. I was born in a poor Hindu family. After my birth, my mother became a Christian and we converted to Christianity.

My father was a drunkard. He used to beat my mother, my siblings and me. Whoever he saw around him he would beat without any reason. He used to chase us and even throw us out of the house. We were financially unstable and my father’s behaviour made our situation worse. Despite my family circumstances, I desired to study and learn. I started working and studying and worked in a house as a domestic helper. In return, the person who hired me paid off my school fees. But after I finished my schooling, the person who hired me was unable to help me in my studies. So, I started working to pay for my 11 and 12th Class studies. After completing high school, I moved to a place called Pokhara in West Nepal to do a Discipleship Christian Mission (DCM) Training and I started to work for the Lord. In 2012 I became a pastor. Then I moved to my birthplace and started working as the pastor of Bangsling Church.

The Lord has graced us with other two branch Churches. One is at Kandra Gau, which is quite far from the mother Church. By walking distance, it takes more than five hours to reach there. There is no road, so the only possible way to get there is on foot. It is also located at a very high altitude in the Chitwan district. Here most of the believers are women and they are spiritually very strong in the Lord. Most of the men are out working in the cities or in the Middle East, sending home money for the family. Another daughter Church is in Rapti Municipality in Phasrang, Chitwan. By the Grace of the Lord, our fellowships are thriving there.

My goal for the next 5 years is to share the Lord’s Gospel in the Chitwan district and for God’s support and blessing in the ministry. I have a goal of training our leaders for Local Churches, and reaching the unreached people of those remote villages and covering these places with the Gospel. I would like to see more churches planted and to make our people strong in their faith so that no false teachings enter into this area.

1. Please pray for open doors to share the Gospel with these people.
2. Please pray for the people who are against the Christian community.
3. Please pray for Church buildings to be built in these areas.
4. Please pray for my financial stability.

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