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Church Service

Our ministry in Canada works with church groups and individuals across the country to bring awareness of our ministry here and with our current partners overseas.

Overseas ministry requires support. There are challenges for locals to bringing the Gospel of Jesus to their communities. One of our goals is to mentor and train new Pastors in their native language, with materials written in their own language. We have partnerships with many Christian organizations, who have the same focus to bring God’s word to the people.

Within Canada and the United States, there are many people who have walked away from organized churches. As we venture into mission, we have to reach out and show people that their lives matter and that they are loved. We offer marriage courses for people who want to follow their Christian values, and share their love for each other and for Jesus.

As we build our church community here in Canada, we are seeking support for the development of our training programs, and to build support for our projects throughout the world. Please join our ministry family and offer your support in any means that you are able.