Sports Ministry

Over 10 years ago, Osmani Sosa, was called by God out of professional sports to reach Cuban youth through baseball. Emblaze Ministries began partnering with Osami’s Youth Sports Ministry known as Heart of the Father in Cuba, early in the program. We connected our churches, donors and ministry partners with the work and began to provide the resources – sports equipment, Bibles, New Testaments, tracts, monthly support for coaches and managers, and discipleship books for those evangelized.

Most Cuban kids dream of playing sports but have no equipment or organization in their communities. Kids show up with no shoes, ripped shorts and a T-shirt. Heart of the Father, with Emblaze Ministry resources, changed all of that. Within 2 years the program had grown to 120 youth ball teams and began to organize volleyball, swimming, soccer, wrestling and boxing programs. In one year, 2600 youth participated in the tournament with 1102 kids accepting Christ. Local churches, with little or no youth, were invited to host tournaments and pastors were trained to coach and manage. Kids accepting Christ were discipled and invited into the local church. In the first two years, we printed 100,000 evangelistic tracts, sponsored 45 tournaments, trained 150 leaders, provided 20 teams with equipment and sponsored 25 youth retreats for sports and prayer. Churches began to double and triple in attendance as new youth believers began attending. Many parents have come to faith in Christ and are being discipled. Within 5 years the program grew to over 13,000 kids with 5,857 youth and parents confessing faith in Christ. Nearly 400 churches and their pastors were involved in the program from 171 regions representing 14 different denominations.

10 Years of Impacting Cuba Through Sports

No other ministry in all of Cuba is seeing a harvest of souls like ‘Heart of the Father‘ Sports Ministry. We witnessed the following results in our sports program to the end of August 2018:

  • Shared the gospel in every province of Cuba with 110,455 people
  • 21,235 youth accepted Christ including hundreds of parents
  • Trained 183 leaders and pastors in our Sports Certificate Program
  • Had 25 pastors graduate from our HTF University program in Sports and Theology
  • Sponsored 176 Sports Tournaments in which 25,008 attended and nearly 7000 accepted Christ
  • Printed 2000 Sports Edition Bibles and 1,500 New Testaments
  • We trained, equipped and sponsored tournaments with 23 of Cuba’s 71 denominations.
  • Planted 6 churches in Cuba through the Sports Ministry
  • Expanded the program with tournaments & training in Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Dominican Republic & Haiti with over 15,000 attending tournaments & 1008 decisions for Christ.

Please contact us for the most currents needs of Heart of the Father and be a part of the work that is being done in Cuba and around South America to reach the youth for Christ through Sports.