Children, the future of the Church

Lien Huu Co Doc (Christian Fellowship Church) in Vietnam, has grown from 30 some cell groups to over 1,000 churches along with hundreds more cell groups in just the last 25 years. A large part of their success has not only been their ministry to and through children, but also more fundamentally, how they view […]

Cuba 2021

Dear Family, I remember hearing my parents tell me as a kid to be grateful for what I have and to not be too anxious for something better because we don’t know what problems, stress and hardships “better” will bring. There is a huge movement and push in the U.S. for change. People want instant […]

When Revival Comes

Revival. What does it take to get revived? A lady received a talking parrot from her son for Mother’s Day. The problem was that the bird’s language was rather foul. He swore terribly. The first time it happened the dear lady threatened the bird. “If it happens again, I’m going to throw you in the […]

Yuniesky’s Story

Yuniesky is a Cuban church planter from central Cuba that Emblaze Ministries is supporting. This is his story.  

New Missionary: Pastor Min (Nepal)

Pastor MinBangsiling ChurchCentral Nepal My name is Min Bahadur. I was born in a rural area in Chitwan. It is a place where there is no electricity and very weak medical and educational facilities. I was born in a poor Hindu family. After my birth, my mother became a Christian and we converted to Christianity. […]

10 Year Anniversary BBQ for Donors with Special Guest

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Emblaze Ministries!  To celebrate we have the Juno Award nominee Marlin Ramazzini (and band) and her husband Juno Award-winning bassist and composer Fito Garcia. Check out her website to hear a bit of one of the most versatile and accomplished Latin singers […]

Meet our Missionary: Debaki

Mrs. Dabaki Agape Christia Mandali Church Kathmandu, Nepal I was a sickly child. My family spent a lot of time caring for me and half of the time I was home sick from school. My parents tried everything they could to help me and eventually, out of desperation took me to witch doctors for healing […]

Pastor Badal: Nepal

Badal was from a Brahmin family where he was raised in the Hindu faith to worship many different gods and goddesses. His family was very devout and he worshiped these gods out of fear. Badal knew nothing about Christianity, but met a Pastor from one of the local churches, who invited him to church. Curiosity […]

Going for Gold (Raising the Standard)

Do you know that in a race all the runners run but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. (Go for Gold). Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training (sacrifice & commitment). They do it to get a crown that will not last; but […]